One of Omnidesk its features is that it will help you recognize customers when they contact you so you have all communication data in one place on the screen. This will boost customer service agents efficienty and makes conversations more personal, especially in medium to larger organizations (5+ agents).

To achieve this there are multiple methods: 1) Let customer agents fill in the extra info on first contact, 2) Import your base to the mini-CRM of Omnidesk or 3) make a API sync between your CRM and Omnidesk.

Base migration

For the base migration we require a minimal set of data of each customer in your base. When setting up Omnidesk this can be added trough an initial CSV import and afterwards you can still use the other two options: you can ask customer care agents to update the data when they receive a contact and the other option is to sync new customers trough the API. You can also choose to combine both options.

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